Weekly Principal’s Letter

February 2, 2015


Dear Parents,

As we roll into February we continue to pray for snow!   We had our Winter Wonderland Dance Friday night from 6-8 pm.  We had a photo booth that the kids participated in as well as a snowball throw which consisted of wet sponges and whipping cream.  J   We had some brave staff members who participated in the “snowball throw “and raised money for the AVID field trip that the team is working toward in May.  Of course there was good food, thanks to the PTA and good music, thanks to the Dagg’s and as always, the MPR was decorated and transformed by our leadership kids. A fun evening for all who were able to attend.

Our Rachael’s Challenge assembly continues to have a great impact on the campus here at STMS.  Timberwolves in Action and Leadership are both adding value to Rachael’s Challenge. As you walk around the campus you will see all sorts of creative things that kids are coming up with to add a little kindness.  This morning there was a poster with tear off tickets that said “If you need a Hug, take one!”

Parents of to be 7th grade students need to begin to think about getting the TDAP immunizations.  This is required for your 7th grade student to attend school next fall.  We have attached the fly for you to this email.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact our school nurse, Karin Tucker at ext 1792.

If you are watching your student’s grade and are concerned about D’s or F’s that they may have at the mid trimester, we have support for them at STMS.  They probably have been assigned to Grade recovery during their incentive at lunch to prove them a ½ hour, daily, to work on missing assignments and or get teacher help if needed.  There is also our 202 Club though Boys and Girls Club after school four days per week.  It happens right here at STMS form 2:10-3:10pm Monday through Thursday.  If you need an application please contact our front office.  Also we have TRIO tutoring during school lunch and after school until 3:30pm.  You may get an application for this at our front desk as well.  As always feel free to contact the teacher directly to get some feedback what your student might need for support.  They will be happy to connect with you.

Have a great week!

Beth Delacour, Principal

544 -6404 ext 1780  bdelacour@ltusd.org


Hello Everyone!

Anything highlighted in yellow is either an addition since last week or a change.

Don’t forget to check our website for more information.  www.southtahoemiddleschool.org



2              Cafecitos 9:30 room 50

Grade Recovery in/out

3              Volleyball @ PWL

Girls Leadership Project 2-3pm Room 43

4              Collaboration Day – school is released @ 12:55

5              Volleyball @ Home 3pm

6              Nordic @ Tamarack – leave @ 5:45

7              Honor Orchestra to Davis

10           Volleyball @ Alder Creek

Girls Leadership Project 2-3pm Room 43

11           Collaboration Day – school is released @ 12:55

Airband Dress Rehearsal

12           Air Band during Advisory

13           Homework Deadline

Nordic @ Tahoe XC

16-21     President’s Holiday Break-no school

21           Cafecitos 9:30 room 50

24           Girls Leadership Project 2-3pm Room 43

25           Collaboration Day – school is released @ 12:55

28           Nordic Championships @ Auburn Ski



2              Cafecitos 9:30 room 50

3              Girls Leadership Project 2-3pm Room 43

4              NO COLLABORATION due to minimum day at elementary schools.  Release time:  1:55

10           Girls Leadership Project 2-3pm Room 43

11           Collaboration Day – school is released @ 12:55

Spring Fling

13           Homework Deadline

Jamba Juice @ lunches

End of 2nd Trimester

16           Cafecitos 9:30 room 50

17           Girls Leadership Project 2-3pm Room 43

18           Collaboration Day – school is released @ 12:55

19           Progress reports mailed

TAP Assembly – Todd Green

23           Grade Recovery in/out

24           Girls Leadership Project 2-3pm Room 43

25           Collaboration Day – school is released @ 12:55

31           Girls Leadership Project 2-3pm Room 43



1              Collaboration Day – school is released @ 12:55

3              Minimum Day-school is released @ 11:55

6-10       Spring Break – no school

13           Cafecitos 9:30 room 50

15           Collaboration Day – school is released @ 12:55

16           Open House 6-8pm

Minimum day – school is released at 12:10

22           Collaboration Day – school is released @ 12:55

23           5th grade orientation – times, etc TBA

24           Jamba Juice @ Lunches

27           Cafecitos 9:30 room 50




6              Collaboration Day – school is released @ 12:55

13           Collaboration Day – school is released @ 12:55

20           LAST Collaboration Day – school is released @ 12:55

25           Memorial Day-No school



11           Last day of school-pending snow days





January 23, 2015

Dear Parents-

As you know we have had, and continue to have a virus/flu going around with our students.  Additionally, teachers are currently putting grades into Aeries so we can get a progress report out by the end of next week.   We also give students the equal number of days that they are out ill to work on missing assignments and get their work caught up.  If you log onto Aeries, you will see a red box on any missing assignments that your student is still able to make up for a specific class.  Please check in on Aeries to see what your student can make up even as progress reports are coming out.  As always, feel free to contact the teacher directly with any question you may have.

Friday September 30th we will have our Winter Wonderland dance.  It will be in the MPR from 6-8pm.  Please arrange to pick up your student no later than 8 pm.  We will have students out on time and appreciate you picking them up on time.  There will be food and snow cones for sale from the PTA and AVID will be selling baked goods and some fun games.




January 8, 2015

Dear Parents-

We have been very busy at STMS.

Right before break, as you know, we had a power outage that had us do an early release.  The kids were great and staff worked together to get kids sorted and on buses or picked up by parents.  Please get a copy of your students schedule so you know their teachers names and the period they might be in in case of another power outage opportunity.  We had paper copies of all the students’ schedules and were looking them up manually for parents.  This would help us release students more quickly to their parents should something like this happen again.

We periodically send out phone calls via our Blackboard Connect program.  These calls range from urgent messages – like the ones when school was released early – to reminders of upcoming events.  We have heard some of the messages are repeating as you are receiving the call.  We have contacted the company and they informed us it is very important when one of the calls are being received there is no background noise.  Any noise the system picks up will cause the message to repeat.

Additionally, we were all sadden to lose our former student Dejon Smith, in a tragic accident due to falling trees.  Our kids and school responded with a “Minute to Win It” for Dejon’s family where the kids brought any loose change they had in their pockets, a jar from home and yes even money from the couch to donate to the family for their needs.  We raised over $900 for the Smith family and some really endearing stories that came with the coin donation as well.  The family was grateful and really appreciated the notes from the kids about how they felt about Dejon.  I again, was very proud of your staff and students.

So now we have started a New Year.  2015 will be a great year for STMS and our kids. Happy New Year.

This week we had our Rachael’s Challenge Assembly.  Talk to your student about what they learned.  You can see the story of Rachael Scott by getting on the web site www.Rachaelschallenge.com.   We have 80 students who are receiving additional training to spread the works of Rachael Scott of kindness and compassion and begin our own Friends of Rachael Club here at STMS.  These students will brain storm ideas and where to begin on the topics of kindness and compassion at STMS!  All students at STMS will be invited to join in on activities the Friends of Rachael’s Club implement.  Additionally you will see these themes come through advisory on Thursdays for all of our kids.  Should be great energy for our campus.

Through a grant provided by Vail Corporation called Epic Promise, we will be taking 120 students skiing or snowboarding for the next 5 Wednesdays as a reward or incentive for working on raising their grades.  The teaching staff selected 3-4 students each to recommend for the program.  We have lots of deserving kids, we have 120 slots and are grateful to for Vail Corp for the opportunity.  If your student didn’t get recognized this time it is not because they too, are not terrific or working hard.  <3

Academic Adventures begins for 6th grade next week.  This is a program for direct instruction to help fill in the gaps for students who need a bit more instruction.  Your son or daughter will have the paperwork for this program if they are to be included in this instruction over the next 5 weeks.  This is an after school opportunity that runs right after school two days a week until 4:10pm.

Our next school dance that was originally scheduled for January 23 has been RESCHEDULED for February 6 from 6-8pm due to a facilities conflict.   We will give you more information as we get closer to that date.

Progress reports will be out at the end of January.  Please stay in touch with your student’s grades though Aeries or contact the classroom teacher if you have concerns.  We are getting toward the middle of the trimester so if we can help with anything please let us know!

We have a new phone system in place which has changed the extensions that you will need to contact us.  J Attached is a list of the extensions for our staff.

Have a great week –

Beth Delacour- Principal STMS

bdelacour@ltusd.org   541-6404 ext 1780


November 14, 2014

Dear Parents-

Another full week at STMS! Lots of things to celebrate. Here are a few highlights:

  • Our Veterans Day Concert on Wednesday night with the high school and our elementary choir, was spectacular. We are so proud of our vets and our students.
  • Tuesday evening STMS received 3 grants from Vale Corporation through their Epicpromise giving. These grants will provide a place at Heavenly for our cross country team to practice this season. They supported our AVID college discovery program.   Additionally they funded an incentive program for grades 6-8 through ½ day ski passes and lesson for kid who are keeping their grades up for 5 consecutive Wednesday in January. We are so excited to have them as a partner with STMS. They have been very generous with our students at STMS.
  • Thursday evening the El Dorado Community Foundation also gave grants to our local community to support important projects for our youth. They have been longtime supporters of STMS.   We received a little over $12,000 to support teacher grants and motivational programs for our kids. They are supporting things such as Club Live, sewing kits for home ec, the 8th grade field trip, AVID college trip, triple beam balances for science and ELD books. We are so lucky to have this generous group on the STMS team as well.
  • Tahoe Arts Project, who bring us great educational programs from all across the United States and the world, has their annual holiday crafts fair in the MPR this weekend. There is no cost to attend and about 30 venders. This will be both Saturday and Sunday. Stop by and take a look
  • We had 20 visitors to our school this week for our AVID program. It is always great to get someone else’s eyes on what is happening here at STMS and exchange ideas on programs and practices.
  • End of the trimester is next Friday, November 21st. Check in on your student’s grades and feel free to call or email the teachers if you need additional information or support.
  • Next week’s schedule includes a collaboration day on Wednesday, November 17th so the kids are out at 12:55pm.   Friday November 21st is a minimum day before Thanksgiving Recess. The kids will be out at 11:55am. Thanksgiving Recess is from November 22-26th. We return to school on December 1st!

Have a great week. Stay warm!

Beth Delacour   bdelacour@ltusd.org

Phone- 541-2850 ext 280



October 27, 2014

Dear Parents-

I cannot believe that we are heading into November in a week! The STMS Timberwolves continue to be on the move!

Besides all of the academics going on in the classrooms, we had our traditional Pumpkin Run on Friday. This has been a tradition at STMS for many years…at least 40 plus. We are looking in our archives to see when it first began. The kids did great and over 300 pumpkins were given out to take home for a job well done.

We had our first dance of the year Friday night that included a photo booth, a haunted house, good food sponsored by the PTA and manned by our great parents, and lively music that some danced to! J Thanks to all for your help with having great activities for our kids.

Of interest to you this week is a program called Breaking Down The Walls. It is funded through a grant from the South Lake Tahoe Drug Free Coalition.   Thursday from 7:45-8:45am during our advisory, we will have an all school assembly. Breaking Down the Walls is a comprehensive program designed to unify, empower and engage every student to create a positive and supportive campus climate. Breaking Down the Walls helps open doors and reveal truths that immediately stimulate self-reflection and community building. Students learn to interact with a cross section of their peers and find that they do not live in isolation, rather, within a community that depends on each of its members to thrive. Students work side by side, learn from one another, and become active participants in the positive development of their campus. We are excited for the opportunities that this program may bring to our students and kids!

We have a Girls Empowerment retreat on Saturday, Nov 8th at STMS. It was great last year. If your daughter is interested in joining us get the attached application in quickly. Enrollment is limited.

We are working to keep our attendance rates up at STMS and are following it weekly. We need your student here to be able to keep the learning going forward for them. Please let us know if we can help in any way to make sure they are coming to school.

Halloween is on Friday. Costumes are permitted. No face masks. Dress code still applies to keep us a G rated campus. Thanks for your support on this.

Have a great week,

Beth Delacour- Principal

bdelacour@ltusd.org 541-6404 ext. 280

October 19, 2014

Dear Parents,

It was a quiet week at STMS this week. Good academic focus in the classroom, students checking grades and working on organization for some. The writing we are seeing in the English language arts classes are looking good and getting stronger. The focus on the Common Core Standards are challenging but staff and students are stepping up and making steps toward a stronger product.

This past week, Karen Tucker, our school nurse did vision screening on most of our 8th grade class. If you hear from her as a follow up to the screening, please follow up with your doctor. It is hard to do well in school if you have a vision problem or need glasses. Thanks!

English Language Arts will run a benchmark test this week in all English language arts classes. It will be 25 multiple choice questions to help inform instruction for the staff and monitor the student’s learning. We will do the same in the area of math next week. This will happen once every trimester, as it did last year. The test questions are aligned to the Common Core Standards.

The 8th grade girls just took second place in the Optimist Basketball Tournament today. Congratulations to the girls for doing so well.

Highlights for the students this week will be a TAP performance during Advisory, homework deadline on Friday, the Pumpkin Run on Friday and our Fall/ Halloween dance this Friday from 6-8 in the MPR. Please make sure you kids have warm clothing and water for the Pumpkin Run on Friday. Looks like the cold weather is here in the mornings especially. J

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Beth Delacour- Principal

541-6404 ext 280




Monday October 13, 2014

Dear Parents-

Happy Monday!   We had an amazing week last week.

We had many parent conferences last week. Thanks for all who showed up.  We appreciate the partnership and your help supporting your students.  Please remember that we are here to support your students throughout the year.  Let us know if we can help in any way.  Sometimes things get bumpy for kids and we may not know they are struggling with an issue unless you let us know.  Staff and administration are here to help and support the students where we can.  Please stay in touch.

Manny Scott, from the movie The Freedom Writers, joined us on Wednesday for an all school assembly.  As always, he challenges us to do better and reach higher even when life has been difficult.  I am amazed at the honesty of our kids.  The messages were, you are not alone in your struggles, others are facing the same or similar challenges as you may be. I think it helps kids, and adults, to know that they are not alone and this “situation” is not unique to them.   The second was to be grateful for what you have.  I heard from several parents who said their kids came home and told them how lucky they were to have the homes and families that they have.   There were some terrific discussions that occurred after the assembly within the classrooms.  Going forward with this assembly we will now work with the kids on how to help create a better environment at school and in the community.

On Saturday some of our kids participated in Operation School Bell at our local KMART store in town.  The Assistance League of the Sierra Foothills has been supporting some of our families and kids over the past five years through Operations School Bell where families that have a need are given a $100 voucher to buy school clothes for their student.  This has been great for the kids over the years.  We continue to be grateful for their continued support of our school and families over the years.

No Minimum days this week!  Wednesday is a regular day due to minimum days at the elementary schools. School will be dismissed @ 1:55.

Keep on top of your students’ academics by following Aeries.  If you need help with an Aeries account please give Sherry Ross a call and she can help get you set up or trouble shoot for you.

Enjoy the fall trees……

Beth Delacour




October 3, 2014

Dear STMS Families,

This week at STMS we held our 25th annual 6th Grade Olympics, thank you to all of the parent volunteers, the 6th grade teachers and Mrs. Whatford and Ms. Wunderlich. Your hard work and dedication to our kids is what makes STMS an outstanding school!

Looking forward to next week, we are on a minimum day schedule for parent conferences all week. Students will be dismissed at 12:10. Please plan accordingly. All SMTS students have completed a self-evaluation in their Advisory classes. These will be brought to the conference when you meet with your student’s teachers at school. If a conference is required for your student you have been notified by phone. If you have not been contacted and you feel a conference is necessary, please contact JoAnn Hernandez in our counseling office at 541-6404 ext 291.   If you do not come in for a conference, we will have your student bring their evaluation form home to review with you, get your signature, and return they are then to return the form to school on Monday, October 13th.  We are working hard to make sure all lines of communication are open and that you are aware of your student’s academic progress.


Monday, October 6th we have Manny Scott coming to talk to our students about the importance of making good choices in every aspect of life. Please ask your student about the assembly.


Have a great weekend,

Karin Holmes 541-6404 ext 284 kholmes@ltusd.org



September 19, 2014

Hi Parents-

We had a full week at STMS this week! Kids should be working with their agendas, getting assignments in on time and looking for help where they need it from staff.   A few things you will need to know about for next week.

Of interest to parents on Wednesday this week, September 24, we will have a presentation for the F.B.I around Social Media and Your Child- What they Know and What You Need To Know. The presentation will be here at the middle school from 6-7pm in the MPR. Our kids come wired these days. It is difficult to be a parent in the electronic age. There are handouts that are interesting and will help support all of us in keeping our kids safe on social media. Please plan to join us!

PTA is looking for donations for the Fall Festival in October, sponsored by the Lake Tahoe Education Foundation.   STMS will be donating a basket with the theme Timberwolves in Action that helps raise funds for enrichment projects at all of our schools in the district. If you can donate anything to put into the basket such as gift certificates, athletic equipment (jump ropes, balls etc), please bring them to the office and give them to Judy. We will build the basket at the end of September! Thanks in advance for your help.

PTA is also helping us launch the Box Tops for Kids program to raise funds for PTA. I have attached an initial flyer for you to look at. We will get you more information next week. It is a quick and easy way for us to collect money from goods we already buy weekly for our families. Take a look and we will keep you posted.

Conference week is the week of October 6- 10th and we will have minimum days all week. School will be released at 12:10. You will receive a call from the school if we feel a conference is necessary. While this week does not allow us to meet with all of our families at STMS, if you feel a conference is necessary at this time, please call JoAnn Hernandez in our counseling office, and we will do our best to get you scheduled. Her number is 541-6404 ext 291.

Have a great weekend,

Beth Delacour 541-6404 ext 280 bdelaccour@ltusd.org



September 15, 2014

Dear Parents-

WOW! What a week. Classes are balanced and students are beginning to get into a routine.

Our KID-A-THON was a success again this year thanks to the efforts of Suzy Krzaczek, the staff and students’ efforts. We were able to put $26,233 dollars into the bank on Thursday afternoon. Funds can continue to be turned in through October 10th. Shortly after that we will announce the prize winners and begin to get the prizes out to the students. Thanks for all your help and support.

Thursday night was Back to School Night. We had a good turnout. We saw lots of new and familiar faces. Thanks for attending. We know that you are all very busy with jobs and family and we appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedules to support the school and your students. We want and need to have you on our team to support your student.

A couple of important things this week, our first PTA meeting will be in the library on Wednesday, September 17th, from 6-7pm. The PTA has a person from SLEDNET, South Lake El Dorado Narcotics Enforcement Team, who will update us about what is going on in our town as well as what we, as parents should be aware of and can do to support and keep all of our kids safe. Please plan to join us.

Also please plan to join us for a very special parent presentation from the FBI on September 24th, from 6-7pm, in our MPR. This presentation is for parents around social media and the internet. Any parent in the LTUSD is invited. The speaker, Glenn G. Norling, will speak to the topic of CYBER SAFTEY : WHAT YOUR KIDS KNOW AND WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA.   We are very lucky to have this caliber of speaker come to South Lake Tahoe. We would love to have a packed MPR. Please mark your calendars and plan to join us for this informative hour presentation. Mr. Norling will present to our staff at a meeting on Wednesday and to the STMS student body during Advisory on Thursday, September 25th. It should be a great learning experience for all of us.

See below for the activities going on this week at STMS. Keep an eye on your students’ grades and assignments through the Aeries parent portal. (contact Sherry in the office if you need assistance. 541-6404 xt 279 in setting up your account.)   Let us know if we can help in any way.

Enjoy your week,

Beth Delacour   530-541-6404 bdelacour@ltusd.org




Dear Parents

Happy Monday Morning!

Our second week at school went well! We continued to work on balancing classrooms, grade recovery began at lunchtime for our 7th and 8th grade students, incentives began at lunch and the sixth grade students were assigned lockers! This is always a challenge but the sixth graders are persistent and are beginning to get the hang of the locks J

We have most of our netbooks distributed this past week. Your student was given an option to buy insurance protection by this Thursday September 11, 2014. If you need an extra copy of the form, one will be available in the front office, from our library, attached to this email or at Back To School Night.

Wednesday is our first collaboration day for teaching staff. Your student will be released to go home at 12:55pm.

Thursday will be our annual Kid-A-Thon. It is the major fund raiser for student activities at STMS. Thanks, in advance, for your support of this event. Monies may be turned in on Thursday. Thursday will also be a minimum day due to Back to School Night. Students will be released at 12:10pm. Back to School Night will run from 6-8pm. Ask your student for your schedule Tuesday when they return home. They have listed their schedule for you so you move from class to class, as they do throughout the day. We are excited to see you there!

Also on Thursday morning, we will begin showing the movie, The Freedom Writers in preparation for our guest speaker, Manny Scott. An original Freedom Writer whose story is told in part in the 2007 hit movie, Manny has energized over a million leaders, educator, and students with his inspiring message of hope. We are excited to have him at STMS in October.

Have a great week and we will see you Thursday evening.


Beth Delacour

Beth Delacour, Principal

541-6404 ext 280




August 29, 2014

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to South Tahoe Middle School! We hope that your student had a good week and is feeling comfortable and excited about the new school year. We currently have 797 students enrolled!

This week was busy! The students and staff had the first day of school jitters and excitement. By 8am, all the students who had their schedules were in the right classes and getting acquainted with new and old friends. Monday also brought STMS a power outage about a half an hour before lunch. The students and staff worked together to get through lunch without electricity and by the end of lunch, the lights came back on. The students and staff were terrific and everyone handled the incident well.

Throughout the first week of school we balance class sizes due to enrollment changes. As of Friday morning we have the classes balanced. You son or daughter may have a teacher or a class change. We are sorry for any disruption this may have caused.

Tuesday, Karin Holmes, Assistant Principal, Karen Tinlin, our School Attendance and Review administrator, and I spoke to all students during PE to review our policies and procedures, including behavior expectations. You can find this information posted on our website at www.southtahoemiddleschool.org. I ask that you review the material with your child.

Wednesday was our first day for Advisory. Advisory is similar to a homeroom class. The class is made up of same grade level students this year and will be a teacher that your student has during their regular day. Advisory will usually be once a week on Thursday Mornings. The advisory teacher will be another contact for your student if they need help at STMS. The advisory teacher will also be a solid contact for you, should you need help with an academic or social issue regarding your student.

The Advisory content is well planned for the year and we are excited about our plans. The first trimester themes will be AVID and Community. We will be teaching AVID strategies, building inclusion and working on routines for middle school. We have an FBI presentation on September 25th on Social Media- and what the kids need to know to be safe. This assembly is for the students.   We have a parent presentation from the FBI on Social Media- What Your Kids Know and What You Need To Know, on Wednesday September 24th from 6-7pm in the MPR for parents. Please mark your calendar and plan to join us. Mr. Manny Scott will join us on 10/15 for an assembly and some small group instruction. Mr. Scott is known for a character in the movie, The Freedom Writers, which depicts his true life story. His message is one of courage and perseverance. Also included this trimester is a program called Breaking Down The Walls. This is a comprehensive program designed to unify, empower and engage every student to create a positive and supportive school climate. Students learn to interact with a cross section of their peers and find that they do not live in isolation, rather, within a community that depends on each of its members to thrive.

Thursday, Mrs. Krzaczek kicked off an assembly for our annual Kidathon fund raiser. Your students have information to give you about the event and what we use the monies for. It is our one big fundraiser of the year. The kids participate in two hours of activities and are sponsored for pledges. Please take a look at the materials and support this great activity for the school. We have posted donation forms and some information for your information on our web site. Thanks in advance for your support!

Pick up and Drop Off: Please remember these important rules…

  • Do NOT leave your vehicle unattended at the curb
  • Please ONLY load and unload next to the curb
  • Please pull forward as the line moves up to allow those behind you to move up

Thanks for keeping our kids safe.

Delivery of Notes to class: We do not deliver non-emergency notes or forgotten items to class. With 800 students and 20-25 forgotten items per day, this would amount to thousands of interruptions to instruction each year. Every time an item is delivered, the teacher must stop, pay attention to the person entering the room and then get the students back to the lesson. You may leave items in the office, so PLEASE talk to your child and arrange that they should always check the office if something is forgotten. Your child may also use the phone in the office before school, at lunch, or after school to contact you to drop something off for them.

Calendar Below: Please be sure to look at the school events below and get them on your calendar….

Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend.


Beth Delacour

541-6404 ext 280 bdelacour@ltusd.org


















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